Natural Nails Gentle Buffing Paste

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As a courtesy to our customers our Natural Nails Buffing Paste is now available as a refill for our Natural Nails Buff and Wax Kit!

We recommend that customers begin with purchasing our Natural Nails Buff and Wax Kit in order to get the full benefit of the natural manicure experience.

While typical buffing bars can quickly weaken and thin nails, our gentle Buffing Paste can be safely used daily at first and then several times a week; our Marula & Jojoba Cuticle Oil and Finishing Wax can be applied and nails buffed with our wool Burnishing Ball every day if you want!

Ingredients: Tallow, Bees Wax, Baking Soda, Kaolin Clay, Lemon Essential Oil

20ml in a metal jar

Remember: Our eco-friendly container can be used and reused for anything you can come up with! Don't let it end up in the landfill :)

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