Natural Nails Buff & Wax Kit

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Finally, an earth-friendly way to naturally manicure and moisturize your nails with no petroleum products or chemicals! Our Natural Nails Buff & Wax solution is an easy Prep + 2-step process that moisturizes with Marula & Jojoba Oils plus vitamin E, increases circulation while gently buffing away ridges, and protects your nails with a finishing wax. Lemon essential oil provides a gentle lemon scent.

Unlike most Cuticle Oils on the market, our formula is 50% Marula and Jojoba oils, known for their superior hydrating and absorbtion qualities. These superior oils are high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and amino acids that are structurally similar to those found in skin, allowing it to absorb efficiently.

While typical buffing bars can quickly weaken and thin nails, our gentle Buffing Paste can be safely used daily at first and then several times a week; our Marula & Jojoba Cuticle Oil and Finishing Wax can be applied and nails buffed with our wool Burnishing Ball every day if you want!

Our completely natural ingredients contain no petroleum products but instead include Marula Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Beeswax, Tallow, Baking Soda, Kaolin Clay, and Lemon Essential Oil.

Because we care about our planet, we've used materials that can be re-used, refilled, recycled, or composted.

Kit Includes:

  • Cuticle Oil - 9ml glass jar with applicator brush
  • Buffing Paste - 20ml tin (28g product)
  • Finishing Wax - 20ml tin (28g product)
  • 100% Sheepskin Chamois Cloth Applicator
  • Wool Burnishing Ball
  • Nail File
  • Convenient Muslin Storage Bag


  • Nail Prep: Trim and file nails as needed. Apply Cuticle Oil to cuticles, let it absorb for a few minutes, then use fingertips to gently rub into nails and cuticle area. Feel free to use Cuticle Oil at any time throughout the week as needed.
  • Step One: Apply a small amount of Buffing Paste to each nail as needed, using fingertips or Chamois Cloth to gently massage nail in a circular pattern. Buffing over the course of 5 to 10 applications will gradually and gently reduce nail ridges without thinning nails unduly. Wipe or rinse away excess buffing paste. Dry nails completely before applying finishing wax.
  • Step Two: Apply Finishing Wax to each nail with fingertips or other side of Chamois Cloth, applying lightly onto the surface of the nail. Allow to sit for several minutes. Holding wool Burnishing Ball in one hand, polish nail beds on the other hand with a circular motion, producing a healthy luster.
  • Re-burnish nails with wool Burnishing Ball to restore shine in between treatments. Re-apply Finishing Wax as needed.


  • Cuticle Oil: Sunflower Oil, Marula Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Lemon Essential Oil
  • Buffing Paste: Tallow, Bees Wax, Baking Soda, Kaolin Clay, Lemon Essential Oil
  • Finishing Wax: Tallow, Bees Wax, Lemon Essential Oil
  • Wool Burnishing Ball: 100% Felted Wool
  • Chamois Cloth: 100% Cod Oil Tanned Sheepskin

Do not ingest.

Our Packaging: Recyclable or compostable packaging is critical to the future of our planet. Click here to learn more about Just Like Jane packaging goals.

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Amazing Natural Nail Care
Written by Leslie on Jun 08, 2024

The Nail kit is everything I have been searching for. The oil and Paste and Wax leave my nails looking and feeling naturally beautiful. I will purchase again!

Natural Nail Kit
Written by Jill on Apr 10, 2024

I am very pleased with this nail kit. I wore artificial nails for a very long time, gel polish, dipping powder and acrylic nails; all of the drilling of the artificial products severely damaged my natural nail. I looked at going to a salon to have manicures but at $56 for a PLAIN manicure I decided to try doing it myself. I found the Just Like Jane kit while doing research online. I have had the kit for about two weeks and have used the products around five or six times. My nails look much healthier, have less ridges and are less brittle. I plan on purchasing the pedicure kit as soon as I can find the soaking bowl I want for my feet.

Natural Nail Buff and Wax kit
Written by Angela on Jan 27, 2024

All I can say is AMAZING! I have had gel/acrylic nails for years and a month ago I decided it was time to take a break and just let my nails breathe. Well, they are weak, brittle, full of ridges and just overall unhealthy. I like to use natural products as much as possible and stumbled across this company. After just the first use, my nails are shinier and ridges are less noticeable. This is nothing short of the holy grail of nail products! Try it…you won’t be disappointed!

Natural Nails Buff & Wax Kit - Now with Marula & Jojoba Oils
Written by Amber Lee on Jan 20, 2024

I love this kit! I have used it 3 times now and my nails already look and feel more hydrated, nourished, and smooth! It has really been helping with Minnesota's air drying the skin out around my nails.

Wax and Buff Kit
Written by Cathi on Aug 22, 2023

I finally got my nails to grow after I stopped using nail polish. I wanted something to pamper them and this kit is perfect! The products are lovely and nicely packaged.

Great Service!
Written by Suzie on Jun 01, 2023

Love your product. Excellent customer service when I had a shipping issue!

Written by Antonio on Apr 29, 2023

Finally found a product that simplify getting a professional manicure at home. Excellent product. And you add the top customer service and prompt delivery I will say I highly recommend the jusilikejane store

Written by Brooke K on Mar 04, 2023

I was a little skeptical at first but the only word to describe this product is nourishing. My natural nails are so brittle and split and tear constantly. This has hydrated and nourished my nails so much to the point of them getting stronger and actually being able to grow and become stronger. I highly recommend to anyone

Nail kit
Written by Rosemary Maish on Jun 19, 2022

I first ordered the nail wax, I was looking for safer with no chemicals, so was on the hunt. Her wax was so gentle with a smell of lemons, so I decided to order her Nail Kit. I was once told if you can't pronounce the ingredients and saw a whole list of chemicals, RUN. I can't explain how smooth and shiny my nails are now. In the evening i just run the buffing cloth on nails. I find very relaxing, and no need for clear polish, which I won't use. Please try out, you will not regret.

Natural nails
Written by Catherine Murry on Mar 23, 2021

I just received mine yesterday. I have nails that are thin and peel I use nail polish to make them soft and not catch on things. I used the natural nail kit and I didn’t need to add nail polish to my nails after I think my nail are going to love it . My nails look and feel great after just one Uses. I am also wondering if you can purchase some of the things in the kit separately. [Reply from Just Like Jane: Thank you for the kind review! Yes, we plan to introduce refills for the Natural Nail Kit soon!]

Great for conference calls!
Written by JODY on Feb 19, 2021

This is a fun little kit that has nice smelling components and leaves my nails feeling pretty. I like to use it while I'm sitting at home on a work conference call. :-)

Natural nails nail buffing kit
Written by Sherryl on Jan 29, 2021

As I’ve been vegan for 10 years I still miss being a girly girl and painting my nails and none of the nail polish is out in the public are safe, at least according to me. I’m very impressed with the kit from the cuticle oil to the wool ball to the chamois. I’ve been using it for just over a week. What a difference--my nails are growing, they’re healthy. I don’t need to use Step One anymore which is to make sure there’s no ridges in my nails. That only took one week--amazing! And I feel pampered because twice a day I use the wool ball just before I go to bed after a hot bath and in the morning when I put the cuticle oil on bath and do Step Two on the wool ball. Best natural nails items I’ve ever found. Great qualities!!

Nail Buff kit
Written by Roni on Jan 21, 2021

I gave this as a Christmas gift and received a text that night saying they loved it!

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