The Love of Lavender

The Love of Lavender

Ahh, the fresh scent of lavender! This week while collecting the blossoms from my garden, I was

captivated by the amazing scent and beauty of this extraordinary plant. These hard working perennials

put on a colorful display in the landscape, fill the area with a delicious fragrance and attract dozens of

bees! I have been blessed with lots of lavender this year, so I thought I would look into ways to use the


Lavender is one of our most popular fragrances for soap, lotion, perfumes, air freshener and sachet.

Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic, lavender oil is used to soothe headaches, insomnia,

sunburn, insect bites, small cuts and burns and motion sickness. It can even be used in anything from

salads to desserts!

I plan to use my fresh lavender to make wreaths and sachets for gifts, but I am really excited to try

making some lavender wands. Wands are a cute way to preserve the delicate lavender buds by

enclosing them within the folded over stems, and held together with woven satin ribbon, like an all-

natural sachet. Just google “lavender wand” for instructions online. Beautiful and fragrant!

Did you know that lavender has been used for thousands of years?

 The ancient Egyptians used it in the mummification process.

 It is mentioned in the Bible as “nard” or “spikenard”.

 The ancient Greeks used it as medicine, the Romans in bathing and cooking.

 In the Middle Ages it was used as a disinfectant and insecticide.

 Queen Elizabeth I is said to have had it strewn over the castle floors.

 It was used as late as WW1 to treat battle wounds.

 An herbalist in 1710 states that “it is also good against the bitings of serpents, mad-dogs, and

other venomous creatures… and cures hysterik fits, though vehement and of long standing”!!

If you don’t currently have lavender in your garden, ask a friend or check your local Farmer’s Market.

And, as it can be grown in most of the U.S., plan to work some in to your garden this fall!