Lotions & Scrubs

If you are crazy about Just Like Jane Soap, you'll go nuts for our Just Like Jane Lotions, Scrubs, and Whipped Tallow. Created to nourish your skin with lovely scents that match our soaps, these products are made with natural ingredients that are non-greasy and absorb quickly, leaving just a beautiful long-lasting scent. With coordinating Vintage Jane bottles and labels, our soaps and lotions make gift giving as easy as pie.

Our Foaming Sugar Scrubs were developed to naturally exfoliate your skin while keeping your shower floor from becoming a slick and scary oily mess. Made with olive oil castile soap, high-oleic sunflower oil and a variety of scrubbies—from sugar to microdermabrasion crystals and apricot kernel meal—our scrubs represent a new Just Like Jane Retro design. J.L.Jane's give you new products to use and a new look to enjoy and gift.

Check out our Skin Therapy Whipped Tallow, made of pure beef tallow, whipped to a luscious fluff. This age-old remedy for skin issues is back in fashion, and boy are we glad. We even carry an unscented version for those who prefer a "naked" moisturizer.