Soap Dish - IKEA Round Wire "Blanken"

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size: 4.50 W × 0.75 H × 4.50 L
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This IKEA BLANKEN soap dish is perfect. Made of epoxy/polyester powder coated steel, it allows the soap to drain and dry nicely and mixes well with both vintage and modern decor. IKEA is known for their amazing products--these soap dishes will last FOREVER. We are always excited to visit the IKEA in Seattle, and when we last visited, we picked up these soap dishes (which are now discontinued, we think) to pass the great value on to you. If you could order these online, we'd send you to their site, but since you can't, we'll save you the drive to Seattle! These make a nice gift add-on. They are inexpensive enough to stock up on a few!

We also carry an IKEA Bamboo Soap Dish.

Price is for one soap dish. Measures 4.75" diameter.

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