Foaming Sugar Scrub - Clean Feet & Hands 9.5 oz - Almond

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Raise your hand if you hate what oil-and-salt scrubs do to the floor of the shower—turning it into the slippery skating rink of death with you balancing on one foot precariously holding on for dear life? And after all that drama, your feet aren't actually clean, just really oily. We were determined to find a better way to clean and exfoliate. We like to go barefoot and our feet get filthy in the summer...well, all year...and they need help.

We worked it out. We added olive oil castile soap to some very nice light organic oils, sugar, clays and other scrubbers, plus a beautiful almond scent, and voila—naturally clean feet with no more skating rink of death.

So what's in our scrub?

  • Organic high-oleic cold-expeller pressed sunflower oil provides an excellent moisturizer rich in vitamins A, C, D and E, linoleic acid, antioxidants, and omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Castille soap is a gentle, non-comedogenic cleanser containing vitamin E and providing a creamy, subtle finishing lather to our scrub.
  • Sugar and apricot kernel meal do the heavy lifting of foot exfoliation and calcium carbonate flour and rose and bentonite clays provide the fine finishing exfoliation and creamy texture. As you add water and gently move the scrub around, the sugar crystals dissolve and the castile soap provides the cleansing finish.

See our foaming sugar scrubs in action!

We recommend you use this scrub on the tougher skin areas on your body, like feet, elbows, legs, knees, arms and hands. Not recommended for use on your face. Too much exfoliation can be drying, so be conservative and use your best judgement until you know what your skin needs. For gentler facial exfoliation try our Clean Face & Body Foaming Sugar Scrub. Do not ingest.

Pairs beautifully with our Pure Almond Soap, Pure Almond Lotion, or Pure Almond Bath Bomb. Packaged in a recycleable PET 1 clear jar.

Sugar, castile soap, organic high oleic cold-expeller pressed sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, calcium carbonate flour, ultrafine pumice powder, apricot kernel meal, bentonite clay, rose clay, fragrance oil, phenonip

Net Wt. 9.5 oz. (269g)


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Clean Feet & Hands
Written by Sandy on May 30, 2023

Give your feet a SPA treatment with this Almond scrub!! Heavenly!

clean feet & hands
Written by Cathleen on Aug 18, 2022

This is a beautifully functioning product. It is so rewarding to use. It is indeed a power scrub, just as it claims to be.

Gentle and smells so good
Written by Jody Oxley on Dec 09, 2019

I use this on my hands a couple of times a week. It's gentle and does not leave a greasy residue. The almond fragrance is so nice!

BEST body scrub out there
Written by Nicole on Jan 29, 2018

I usually buy whatever body scrub is cheapest at the drugstore, but my standards have CHANGED. This is absolutely the best body scrub in the universe. I have always struggled to get my arms smooth and bump-free (from Keratosis pilaris, or chicken skin). After only a couple uses, my arms are so soft and smooth. They look amazing! This is it, folks. My holy grail body product. Recommend wholeheartedly!

Great for hands
Written by Jody on Jan 24, 2018

I knit a lot and the fiber often dries out my hands. WLinter weather doesn't help either. I keep this by my kitchen sink and once or twice a week I use a little with a bit of warm water to scrub my hands. It seems to help and it smells nice too.

Written by Carla on Dec 08, 2017

I am trying not to use this magical scrub every day because I never want to run out! It smells so good, and feels great when I add a few drops of water...simply magical!!!

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