Introducing JLJ Plain Jane™ soaps!


We're so pleased to introduce JLJ Plain Jane™ Soaps - same great soap, plain brown wrapper for only $5.50 a bar!

We absolutely adore our vintage style packaging, and we hope you do to. But there is a time and place for everything...sometimes you just need the soap, so why pay for the extra packaging? Many of our customers order their favorite Just Like Jane soaps and don't plan to use them as gifts; or they'd like to package our handmade natural soaps in their own way. It seems a shame to pay for—then throw away—beautiful packaging, doesn't it? So we've introduced JLJ Plain Jane™ soaps at a cost savings to you! JLJ Plain Jane™ soaps come wrapped with a simple kraft paper band.

You can combine Vintage Janes (our traditional packaging) with Plain Janes in the same order, so it's easy to buy a few decorative gift soaps for friends and family, and then throw in a few Plain Janes as a treat to yourself. 

We hope that this new product makes shopping Just Like Jane just that much better.

All the best,