Giving is the Heart of Christmas

The Christmas season is in full swing! I’m witnessing the shopping frenzy that happens in the last week before December 24th. This year I have decided to scale down the crazy and ease into a simpler, more homespun, celebration. I’ve had to spend some time brainstorming ways to simplify our gift giving and bring a more individual and heartfelt aspect to our holiday.

Although my husband and I decided to cut down on the amount of money we are spending this year, I still want to have a beautiful, meaningful celebration. It’s really not about money for us, it’s more about doing things that resonate with our values and bring us closer together as a family. I truly do want to give from the heart, not out of obligation or tradition, but I don’t want to be Grinchy either! So, being the traditionalist that I am, I googled it.…simple Christmas, simple gift giving, family Christmas, gifts from the heart, non-material gifts, etc. … I found some wonderful ideas!

1. Buy Local. If you are going to purchase something, stick to local. Locally made products from farmers markets, artisan markets, craft fairs, local manufacturers have unique, memorable items that support your community and neighbors.

2. Buy Handmade. What could be better than one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry, pottery, art, or Just Like Jane Soaps!

3. Go Homemade. Gifts made by your own hands are the absolute best! Baked goods, hand sewn gifts, crafted items, scrapbooks, the list is almost endless. When you get your kids together and make something for someone else, the giving goes both ways. You then have family time together, your kids learn a craft (as well as how to do something kind for others) and the recipient is thrilled!

4. Experiences Make Memories. Another great option is the gift of an experience. Experiences never break or wear out! Movie or concert tickets are easy to buy and use. A certificate for a back massage, facial, guitar lesson or oil change can be perfect for someone who has everything. Giving a gift of your own time or skill can be even more meaningful. Using your skills in organization, computers or gardening, can be a blessing to someone who doesn’t share your ability and vouchers for car washes and babysitting will likely be received with joy.

5. Gifts that Give Back. I love getting a card telling me of a charitable donation given in my name. A gift to a local shelter or food bank in the name of a friend is a blessing for all involved.

Use your imagination to come up with a list of meaningful, unique gifts for your family and friends. The holidays are really about remembering and honoring the Greatest Gift. Sharing our lives and blessing others is so much better that giving or receiving one more “thing”. 

Love and Joy,


Just Like Jane Soaps