Autumn Leaves Must Fall

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year! Driving down streets framed by the amazing reds, golds and oranges of the turning leaves is a feast for my soul. The colors in a single maple leaf are amazing, a tree full of them is dazzling! On those perfect Fall days, when the leaves are ablaze against the brilliant blue of the sky, I can’t seem to help but smile (and maybe even skip a little). Picking a bouquet of these beauties is irresistible!

Of course, there comes a time when more than just a few leaves in a vase ‘decorate’ the house (outside, that is). The beauty of the carpet of fallen leaves can be somewhat diminished by the knowledge that SOMEONE has to rake them all up. However, I don’t really mind! I love inhaling the musty, peppery, scent of them, being surrounded by the whirling colors and piling them high.

It almost goes without saying that tidily piled leaves MUST be jumped upon. The art of leaf jumping can take many forms. One may hurtle, hop, tumble, leap, plough, nosedive, belly flop, swan dive, or take a header into the pile. Screaming, yelling, and even the Tarzan yodel, frequently accompany the mighty plunge. This activity may be enjoyed solo, but is best shared with friends, siblings and or the family dog. There is something exhilarating about running wildly into a heaping mound of fallen leaves and tossing armfuls of nature’s confetti into the air!

I, for one, am unable to resist the call of this autumn ritual. It ranks right up there with school football games, bonfires and hot cider. Every season has its special sights, scents, and experiences to remind us of where we are and where we’ve been and what is really important in life. Maybe we should all slow down and jump in a pile of leaves!

Love and Joy,


Just Like Jane Soaps