Artistry In The Everyday

Artistry In The Everyday


Don’t you love it when you come across objects that have been created with great design, craftsmanship and quality? Commonplace items that are also beautiful and well-made bring us joy every time we use them. There is a sweet satisfaction in the performance of an everyday task when we we feel the perfect smoothness of well-finished wood or notice the elegance of a graceful design. The feel of quality through our fingers, whether in a soft fabric or a creamy lather, is a pleasure we can enjoy even in the simple things.

In times past, more care was given to making everyday objects beautiful and made to last. In today’s disposable culture, items with those qualities can be hard to find. JustLikeJane loves useful things, new or old, that bring charm, winsomeness and dependability to our lives. That’s why we care about the quality of our labels and packaging as much as the quality and usefulness of our soaps and lotions. We hope you appreciate it too.


Catherine @ JustLikeJane