Bath Bombs & Scrubs

Getting clean just went to a whole new level of luxury, with J.L.Jane's vintage packaging and coordinated lines of matching soaps, lotions, and bath bombs.

Our Fizzy Bath Bombs are designed to match the scents of your favorite Just Like Jane soaps, and contain only natural colorants and 99% all-natural ingredients. Who wants to sit in a bath tub soaking in dye and weird chemicals? 

And our Clean Face and Clean Feet Foaming Sugar Scrubs were developed to naturally exfoliate your skin while keeping your shower floor from becoming a slick and scary oily mess. Made with castile soap, high-oleic sunflower oil and a variety of scrubbies—from sugar to microdermabrasion crystals and apricot kernel meal—our scrubs will become a must-have in your cleansing routine.