Shaving Brush - Captain Fawcett's Best Badger

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Captain Fawcett's quintessential "Traditional Shaver's" pure badger brush produces a luxuriant lather for the closest of wet shaves.

This premium natural bristle brush sports a faux ivory handle and chrome collar and base. Designed for the shaver who relishes the bloom and lather process and the top-notch shave you achieve with a fine brush and excellent shaving soap like our J.L. James' Premium Shave Soap.

  • Faux ivory handle with chrome accents
  • Best Badger grade natural bristles
  • Loft: 50mm (2.0in)
  • Bristle Length: 55mm (2.16in)
  • Overall Length: 105mm (4.14in)
  • Handle Height: 50mm (1.97in)

Care: After use, rinse thoroughly, gently shake out excess water, avoiding pulling on bristles; hang brush on shaving brush stand with bristles down to air dry. Avoid pulling or splaying bristles out to preserve brush life.

Made in the United Kingdom

Note: Natural bristle brushes may need to be "broken in" with several 10-minute warm water soaks and gentle washing in shampoo in order to produce the best lather and to reduce any natural bristle odor.



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