CaL@M!Ty JAnE$ - 2 Pounds!

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Welp. Some things just don't work out exactly right. Calamities happen. Soapmaking is no exception. Every now and then, we make a batch that's "rough around the edges"—works just fine, but it's got a little too much "character". Or we invent a new scent and decide not to list it. Or it's been hanging around a little too long and the scent has faded a bit. Or when we cut the bar, we hiccupped and the bar turned out too small or it's the "butt end", kind of like the runt of the litter. And since around here we don't like to waste, we thought you might be interested in this soap-that-works-but-isn't-a-looker. Looks aren't everything, you know.

Here's what you get in a Calamity Jane package: TWO WHOLE POUNDS OF SOAP in bars of various sizes and various compatible "flavors". Some packages might have all one flavor, some may be a mix. We pick what to send you. If you want to put a preference of soap type in the comment field on your order, we might just be able to accomodate you, but we make no promises. HERE'S THE GREAT PART: IT'S A GREAT BARGAIN. You get the equivalent of 6 to 7 bars of soap for only $18!

Calamity Janes come in a very plain brown bag. They're not dressed for the town dance, as you can see in our photos. And because we've priced this soap to sell "as is", we cannot take returns or make refunds on orders. Thanks for understanding.

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Calamity Jane
Written by sm on May 24, 2022

This purchase was anything but a calamity. The soap is great sized pieces, the smells are wonderful, and like all of the "real" Jane soaps they feel wonderful on the skin! Highly recommend trying Calamity!

super deal!
Written by Stewart on Jan 31, 2017

These were all wonderful!! I loved the whole pound! I had fun trying all of them, and cannot wait to order more. I was not disappointed, so glad you thought of this!! Great deal!!

Wonderful soap at a really good price!
Written by undefined on Sep 17, 2016

I got 4 good sized bar. Two looked like an 'end' bar, kind of odd shape. I didn't see any thing wrong with the others. They look and smell wonderful. I love the boxed soaps for gift, these are a gift for me! I even got a Milk and Honey, my favorite!

Adventure and value in a brown bag!
Written by Nathanael on Sep 17, 2016

It has been correctly noted that I'm cheap and no aesthetic genius, so the opportunity to buy great-but-imperfect soap at a fantastic price was not something I could pass up, even if I didn't know what I'd smell like in the end. My Calamity Janes did not disappoint. Full pound - yup. Slightly imperfect shape, color, or size - yup, yup, yup. A couple of colors and fragrances I didn't necessarily expect - yup. Such a deal! Good for everything soap is good for, except maybe giving to your mother-in-law for her birthday. Be safe and spring for the pretty wrapper in that case!

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