Premium Shave Soap In Ceramic Bowl - Cedar Sage And Pepper Scent

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Our customers report enthusiastically that our natural shave soap is seriously the best they've ever used. Quickly producing volumes of creamy, stable lather with great glide and a subtle fragrance, our long-lasting shave soap softens your beard and rewards you with a fantastic shave and well-conditioned skin. Contains no parabens or phthalates.

Our ceramic shave bowl tucks well into your hand and because it is an actual restaurant-quality soup cup, when it's empty don't throw it away! You can simply run it through the dishwasher and reuse in your household for the million-and-one-uses for such a thing. Over time, you'll have a set!

Cedar, Sage and Pepper Scent is my husband's favorite, kind of woodsy-sagey with the round, deep fragrance of black pepper (it's not sneezy like table pepper. Pair with our Cedar Sage and Pepper Soap, and be sure to check out our carefully chosen shaving brushes.


3.5 oz semi-soft soap in a white restaurant-grade ceramic bowl with a cardboard cap for storage.



  • Bloom a natural bristle brush by soaking bristles in hot water for 30 seconds. Synthetic brushes just need a pass under the tap to get wet.
  • Bloom the soap by adding a few drops of water to your soap, letting it soak for a few minutes.
  • Gently squeeze excess water from bloomed brush.
  • Pour any excess water from shaving soap.
  • Begin swirling the brush over the soap in a circular motion, applying light pressure so the bristles bend slightly without splaying.
  • Alternately swirl clockwise and counter clockwise, for at least 30 seconds, until a creamy lather begins to form. Add a little water as needed, and continue to swirl until you have enough stiff and creamy lather for at least half your beard.
  • Wet your face, and with brush loaded with lather, apply in a circular motion, working in to the area you intend to shave.
  • When you've finished using the latherin your cup, don't rinse that precious lather out of the cup. Instead, pour any excess water out, turn cup over under running water to rinse off any lather on outside of cup, flip it back over and simply store open to the air or covered with included cardboard cap. Excess lather in your cup will simply dry and be ready to create the bloom for your next shave.
  • To best care for your brush, rinse thoroughly without splaying bristles, squeeze out excess water, and store in a brush stand with bristles hanging down to preserve brush integrity.



Stearic acid, coconut oil, tallow, potassium hydroxide, vegetable glycerin, fragrance oils, essential oils of sage, cedarwood and black pepper, castor oil, shea butter, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate

Do not ingest.



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love it
Written by Tim Lauer on Aug 24, 2021

Smells great, lasts a long long time, comes in a cool container, just a little bit lathers up fully and quickly and doesn't dry out my skin.

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