Nag Champa Handmade Soap

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So, nag champa is a really unusual name, pronounced "nawg shawmpa." For those of you who weren't hippies in the 60s, Nag Champa is the most popular Indian incense scent of all time. How to describe it? A combination of sandalwood and frangipani (plumeria) it is powdery, woodsy, ambery, romantic, floralish, rich, exotic, a little musky. It's amazing. If only the internet could be scratch and sniff. (Wow, that doesn't sound right, does it?) Our Nag Champa Soap is like incense in the shower and it even looks beautiful with swirls of kaolin clay and sprinkled with black poppy seeds. You'll fall in love with it, we do believe.

Pairs nicely with our Nag Champa Lotion.

Just Like Jane soap lathers beautifully and rinses cleanly:

This soap is made from: Saponified oils of food grade olive, palm, and coconut (with retained glycerin); fragrance blend, poppy seeds

Each of our 4 - 5 ounce bars is handmade in the USA in small batches, and hand-cut and hand-packaged with care by folks just like you. Our soap is paraben-free, sulfate-free and phthalate-free. Do not ingest.

Our Packaging: Recyclable or compostable packaging is critical to the future of our planet. Click here to learn more about Just Like Jane packaging goals.


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Nag Champa
Written by Becky on Jun 08, 2024

This is a great bar of soap. It lathers really nice! I have been using another Nag Champa/Patchouli soap prior to this. I would like a bit more of the essence in it but really like it.

Nag champa
Written by David Cook on Dec 26, 2023

It has been the only soap for me for a while

Written by David on Nov 01, 2022

My go-to soap

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