Lotion - Nag Champa 9.5 oz

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So, nag champa is a really unusual name, pronounced "nawg shawmpa." For those of you who weren't hippies in the 60s, Nag Champa is the most popular Indian incense scent of all time. How to describe it? Powdery, woodsy, ambery, romantic, floralish, rich, exotic, a little musky. It's amazing. If only the internet could be scratch and sniff. (Wow, that doesn't sound right, does it?) Our Nag Champa Soap is like incense in the shower without burning yourself; and it even looks beautiful with swirls of kaolin clay and sprinkled with black poppy seeds. You'll fall in love with it, we do believe.

Pairs nicely with our Nag Champa Bath Bomb and Soap.

Lotion with Shea Butter Ingredients: Distilled water, Aloe Vera, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, Stearic Acid, Soya Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Emulsifying Wax, Vegetable Glycerin, Palmitic Acid, Tocopherol, Potassium Sorbate, Shea Butter, Vitamin C, Citric Acid, Germall Plus; essential or fragrance oils.

Phthalate-free. Avoid eye area. As with any cosmetic, first apply on a small area of skin to test for sensitivities. Use any product which contains essential oils with care during pregnancy or lactation.

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