Fizzy Bath Bomb - Lavender Mint 4.5 oz

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Our Lavender Mint Fizzy Bath Bomb is just classic. Ya gotta have lavender, and peppermint adds some energy. Simple. Adorned only with lavender buds. Smells exactly like lavender and peppermint. Scented only with lavender essential oil and peppermint essential oil.

Pairs nicely with our Lavender Mint soap and Lavender Mint Lotion. Packaged in cellophane and tied with satin ribbon.

What's the deal with bath bombs?

Ahh, long hot baths. Kind of a lost art in this busy world. But fizzy bath bombs make spending time in a restful bath all worth it. These large bath bombs are filled with nothing but natural colorants, 99% natural ingredients (all but the fragrance oils, which are man-made loveliness), and scents that match our best selling Just Like Jane soaps.

But Jane, what if I don't like baths?

You are a "shower" person. But you like the smell of bath bombs. The struggle is real. So here's what you do. You buy the bath bomb, break it into about 4 pieces and store it in tupperware. Then here's the genius: you put a section of bath bomb in the stream of water from your shower and BOOM...your shower smells great. OR BETTER a set of our Shower Steamers!

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