Solid Perfume Lockets

When we discovered solid perfume, we were mildly curious...but when we realized that solid perfume could travel around in a beautiful USA made solid brass locket, we were entranced! At Just Like Jane, we're all about combining luxury and practicality, and our refillable solid perfume lockets do both. No more spraying the whole bathroom with your perfume, leaking perfume in your purse, trying to figure out how to bring your perfume on an airplane. And best ever--our solid perfumes are designed to pair with Just Like Jane handmade soap scents!

Easy to apply without overdoing, solid perfumes are more convenient than sprays or parfums. The strength of our solid perfumes compare to an eau de parfum; typically stronger than an eau de toilette, but lighter than a traditional parfum. To apply, you simply rub a fingertip on the solid perfume, and apply to any non-sensitive skin area you prefer; the amount is up to you.

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