Bay Rum Fizzy Bath Bomb - 4.5 oz - Bay Rum Fizzy Bath Bomb - 4.5 oz - Bay Rum Fizzy Bath Bomb - 4.5 oz -
Bay Rum Fizzy Bath Bomb - 4.5 oz - Bay Rum Fizzy Bath Bomb - 4.5 oz - Bay Rum Fizzy Bath Bomb - 4.5 oz -

Bay Rum Fizzy Bath Bomb - 4.5 oz

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So, who knew, but guys like bath bombs, too. And Bay Rum seems to be a go-to fragrance for men. But in the spirit of gender neutrality and fairness, all of our bath bombs are enjoyed by bathers of all genders, so feel free to enjoy the whole spectrum of Just Like Jane scents.

Our Bay Rum is tinted only with ground rosemary, and has a woodsy, rich, somewhat heavy scent, reminiscent of the vintage Bay Rum your grandpa shaved and after-shaved with. And we all know that grandpa in his day was quite the catch.

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What's the deal with bath bombs?

Ahh, long hot baths. Kind of a lost art in this busy world. But fizzy bath bombs make spending time in a restful bath all worth it. These large bath bombs are filled with nothing but natural colorants, 99% natural ingredients (all but the fragrance oils, which are man made loveliness), and scents that match our best selling Just Like Jane soaps.

This is the only bath bomb scent in our line that doesn't have a corresponding soap. It's coming!

Unwrap and drop in full tub. Watch it fizz. Obviously, do not ingest bath water or get in eyes. Because of the moisturizing oils contained in the bath bomb, your drained tub may be slick until it is washed with soap.

Baking soda, Epsom salt, corn starch, citric acid, sunflower oil, water, fragrance or essential oils, colorant, love.

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Bay Rum Fizzy Bath Bomb
Written by Paige on 8th Dec 2017

This made my bath feel like a trip to the spa! My skin felt so soft! I liked the way my whole bathroom smelled...just lovely!! Jane, you have out done yourself once again!!

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